JAWDAT 2.0 | Solutions
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Jawdat provides solution that accelerate agility to service provider and enterprise by simplifying end-to-end delivery service workflow (staging, provisioning, managing).

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Jawdat Flex CPE Manager (FCM)

Jawdat FCM solution is a virtual network function based customer-premises equipment (CPE) that offers flexibility and rapid deployment for Service Providers offering to customers. Jawdat FCM features central orchestration and automation for Service Providers to manage network functions. Jawdat FCM provides direct and immediate benefits to customers by easily adding more network services like firewall, unified communication, application and content delivery, etc. on a single box or on the cloud without requiring truck rolls. We deliver FCM solution by collaborating with service provider or direct selling to enterprise customer.


Jawdat Smart Staging Manager (SSM)

Jawdat SSM offers Service Provider the ability to automatically provision new CPE from the warehouse. SSM greatly saves IT resources and time delivery. CPE staging usually takes hours or day but by leveraging SSM solution it turns to minutes. SSM connects to cloud  FCM in order to verify CPE inventory. After verified, SSM will push required configuration to CPE.


Jawdat Network Service Orchestration (NSO)

Service Provider and Enterprise are looking for alternatives to replace manual, error-prone and time consuming procedures in service provisioning. Jawdat NSO is a single pane of glass solution for end-to-end provisioning and orchestrating network services for Enterprise datacenter or Service Provider thus bringing service agility on delivering new services such as L3VPN. Jawdat NSO delivers service orchestration capabilities for instantiating, managing, and chaining virtual and physical network functions. It maintains a representation of services and devices model based on YANG instead of actual configuration. It supports multi-vendor and multi-service on a single solution by leveraging Jawdat’s own product in Juragan Network Service Orchestrator and JongOS network controller.