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Jawdat provides solution that accelerate agility to service provider and enterprise by simplifying end-to-end delivery service workflow (staging, provisioning, managing).

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Network Automation with JongOS

JongOS is Jawdat SDN controller that supports various network platforms. It has the capability to centrally add, modify, remove virtual or physical network configuration. JongOS function as Virtual Infrastructure Manager based on ETSI NFV. JongOS supports well-known southbound API such as CLI, NETCONF, OVSDB, etc. We could help customers in developing driver platform from technology vendors who has not been or no longer supported. JongOS is modular by design and support multiple domains from MPLS to Optical.


Juragan Network Services Orchestrator

Juragan is Jawdat NFV Orchestrator solution to realize the ETSI NFV ISG’s architectural framework by bringing together upstream software components to implement an end-to-end platform for NFV. Service Providers could leverage Juragan to offer managed cloud services to customers.


Sentinel Network Visibility

Sentinel Network Visibility is a consolidated network monitoring developed by Jawdat. It supports network platforms from various vendors therefore enabling Service Provider to have a single pane of monitoring system for their end-to-end network. Sentinel is modular; it means that software functions are built individually to ease deployment and scalability. In case of non-supported platform, We have the capability to develop and integrate new module for unsupported platform. We offer fully customize solution for network monitoring to help Service Provider to overcome monitoring system complexity.