JAWDAT 2.0 | About Us
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About Us

Our primary objective is to address customers’ requirements with focus on business outcomes, by providing technical solutions to solve their business problems. Initially we started as network consultant to transform customer’s legacy to Next Generation Networks. By the end of 2014, our focus was evolved and we became a solution provider and principal in SDN & NFV solution.

Yeni M. Ariani

(Chief Executive Officer)

To balance the needs of the organization and its customers, decide on the determination of optimal sales channels and also maintain strategic relationships with key customers.

Himawan Nugroho

(Founder & Technology Evangelist)

Provides guidance and leadership to company managers on all technical issues.   Will be able to manage and apply software, firmware, and hardware solutions that work in an advantageous manner for the company while ensuring technical and network security.

Pendy Mulyadi

(Director of Operation)

Improve the business processes for each department through analysis and collaboration. Get involved in long-term business planning at the managerial and executive level. Collaborate with department management to develop financial plans.

Ardhivipala Gunawijaya

(Chief Engineering)

Responsible for the entire engineering department, from approving project designs and assigning engineers and technicians to ensuring that all safety and structural standards are met throughout the completion of each project.